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I've finished from this years conference, so back to work on Practicalli content. The next few weeks are focusing on the tools execution, (`-T`) with Clojure CLI, so there will be updates to Practicalli Clojure book and practicalli/clojure-deps-edn user wide configuration (I've made a few updates already, specifically around :project/outdated My preference at the moment is to run tools via aliases (rather than an install) as I can set my own default arguments (using :exec-args in the alias). I will be working through the available tools though and also adding their installed .edn configuration to practicalli/clojure-deps-edn, which is the same as installing those tools via the command line. To simplify the use of Clojure CLI, I hope to focus on using -X and -T execution option flags as much as feasible and minimising the use of clojure.main where ever feasible. Other aspects to investigate is the seancorfield/deps-new project for creating Clojure projects, which seems even easier way of creating templates. So I'm planning to have some nice templates to go along with the Clojure and Clojure Web Services books.

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Thank you for your hard work on the conference videos, and beyond!

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