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@jr0cket are you the defacto maintainer of VSpaceCode clojure mode? I noticed you submitted this PR ( and I followed your instructions on ( but I'm not sure if it's your daily driver or just something extra you decided to pitch in (I'm grateful in either case!). The only reason I ask is I posted a basic usage question on Calva ( but I'm wondering if it would be more appropriate to post it here, or perhaps you can point me to a better watering hole for VSpaceCode Calva users where I can ask noob questions :)


I did create the keybindings for VSpaceCode to map onto Calva functions. However, I dont really use Calva myself, so not sure if I would class myself as a maintainer 🙂 I've replied in the original thread in the calva channel


@pithyless I started with Spacemacs and am currently using Calva with VSpaceCode. I find the VSpaceCode bindings very good (thanks @jr0cket!), but also found a few things missing. I raised an with the intent of working on improvements, but each time I’ve tried to make a start I’ve found myself overwhelmed. Perhaps I will take another crack at it someday.


I just edited the package.json file that the VSpaceCode extension installs, somewhere under the .vscode directory if I remember correctly. Then just did a diff with a separate clone of the VSpaceCode repository and create a PR. It's not the official way, but it worked. If you have all the changes you want in the same issue, I may be persuaded to hack on it on a very wet weekend 😜