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Update on Practicalli: I am feeling much better and have pretty much recovered from Covid. I have been very busy at work though for the last few weeks, but it does mean I have lots of new things I have learned about that I want to share. I've already started a section on REPL driven development with Web applications specifically, using Integrant REPL to start, reload changes, reload everything or stop an application server (jetty) and its webapp (e.g. ring, reitit) I'll add a guide to the on building an API with reitit and ring, including some authorisation with the Auth0 service I'll also include content on using the project for logging, this is an excellent project that creates very meaningful and highly searchable logs. It uses the concept of events and uses a Clojure hash-map to define the content of each event, also allowing for 'global' values to be set for each event.

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Glad to hear that you are feeling better @jr0cket!

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