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@hlship: you may be interested in Colin Fleming’s (the Cursive guy) talk on how he improved error messages by writing grammars for all the macros


Thanks; already saw it (and already purchased my Cursive license).


He was originally planning on using some invective-laced rants about Clojure from me on some slides, but he pulled back from the brink, it looks like.


I like the idea of hooking (the reader?) to call his grammar-checking wrappers ahead of all macros in any old REPL—not just in Cursive/IntelliJ. He shows this kind of as an “oh by the way” near the end of the talk. I also like the connection he highlights between his work and prior work. Even really smart people often have to get deep into something before they see the connection to prior work.


Um ok I just “pre-ordered” mine too. Colin totally earned it. For other folks who may not be aware: what I “pre-ordered” was apparently/maybe an IDE, based on Cursive, that will be available “in the future”. Or maybe I just made a donation to Colin. Either way, I feel good because: 20% discount! only $79.20 versus the regular price of $99 for um, whatever it is.


Benjamin C. Pierce’s talk on using test.check to find bugs in DropBox has inspired me to get off my ignorance and write some property-based tests