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Listening to, Zach Oakes made a nice reminder about just being able to publish a php script and hit a url and see it working in the days of cgi scripts


maybe should mention this project to him :)


hmm, so thinking that could use portkey for deploying to AWS Lambda


this would be the “PHP” for Clojure 🙂


Hi! @sekao, wanted to ask if you’ve thought about using AWS Lambda for deploying a webapp, maybe from inside Lightmod


We’ve been working on a library that allows to lift a Clojure function to AWS Lambda, right from the repl, doing packaging and API gateway configuration at the same time


kind of like scp index.php :/www, but for Clojure and using AWS Lambda for the server


hello, wow that is really neat! does portkey have the ability to use arbitrary clojure dependencies? i haven't used Lambda before so i'm not sure i understand it.


yes, it walks the bytecode, freezes Clojure vars packages them and unfreezes them at lambda process startup. There are cases that are out of scope, say loading libraries at runtime with Class/forName (jdbc drivers for example) in which case the class can be kept manually in package with a :keep option.


I haven't been too active lately with portkey and there are some issues currently but just had the idea that running a webapp locally and then publishing to Lambda might be neat in a Clojurebridge setup. Although there is some amount of "magic" going on, I like the idea of quick PHP style publishing, although the runtime is a bit different than Apache+PHP :)