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So this portkey should really be a nice way to deploy AWS lamdbas, even JS I understand correctly that for now only JVM lamdbas can be deployed?


@richiardiandrea for js, js engines are lacking features. Namely one: the ability to inspect a closure closed-overs.


@richiardiandrea to make things clear: aws-clj-sdk can be ported to CLJS without majoir concern. portkey on the other hand requires introspective features that JS is lacking (and I haven’t found them in v8/JsCore documentation neither — I’d love to be proved wrong)


However it may be possible to create a meta-circular JS interpreter that add these features. This interpreter would run only in the developer repl, Lambda would get plain JS


didn’t find :meta-circular: emoji so settled for a wizard hat


Currently aws-clj-sdk functions take 0 or 1 arg. If I assume that 2+ args are keyword args then aws-clj-sdk could almost be a drop-in replacement for amazonica