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Here's a dumb question: is the type of portal invocation that I use (JVM vs clj) tied to the project I'm working in? Or could I use a portal opened via the JVM tapping from a cljs project?


You can send taps from one process to another via the Is that what you are thinking?


No, it's more that I don't get when you would need a JVM portal instead of a cljs one or a bb one


I think that comes down to what runtimes you are working in, what features you want and what preferences you have. At work, I have two JVM Portals, one for clj/cljs timbre logs and the other for clj/cljs taps.

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Yes, so, say that I'm in a clojurescript project, there's no actual reason for me to use a cljs portal too, right? I can very well use a JVM one? I guess I'm not distinguishing what features I could want and what preferences I could have, which makes the choice a bit confusing


To ask a more precise, question, what can I do with a cljs portal that I can't do with a JVM one?


Interact with native objects is the big one. The remote api doesn't capture raw objects, which is fine most of the time.

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