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What if portal had an always-on-top mode, similar to reveal stickers? :thinking_face:

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Lukas Domagala16:03:59

This would be sooo nice. The first thing I tried with the reveal stickers is to shove a portal instance into it 😅


Crazy talk, who would do such a thing! 😏

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Nice!! Is this a thing?


Hunnn I guess I will create a custom tap list (per the docs) and create my own “UI” using it (the sticking things will just be on the top). I love the freedom I have with Portal, such a amazing tool, thanks for this work of love, @djblue, you rock

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I haven't released a version of the app since and it was only for OSX. I do plan on picking it back up again in the future but it's mostly a POC for now. I do think if your use case is watching an atom, you don't need the electron app 👍

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Daniel Slutsky22:03:39

Hi @djblue, Do you know of any example of using Portal as a client-side library? Is it something you'd encourage? I'm playing with the idea of statically rendering a page with Portal UI elements.

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I think that would be awesome! I don't have an example. Would be curious about what type of api / ux you would expect?

Daniel Slutsky06:03:41

Curious too. I'm trying to make it work as a dependency in a simple Reagent app. If that works, then it could be nice to make it work with some static data format representing web pages, e.g. On the user experience side, I'm experimenting with different ways to express that "This thing should be rendered that way." (for example, "This thing should be considered a Vega spec."). I'll share some basic proof-of-concept and video soon.

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Daniel Slutsky19:03:29

Just a little update regarding the hope of using Portal as a library: • couldn't make it work yet (struggled with some dependency conflicts and my general webdev ignorarnce) • there is a nice discussion going on at #visual-tools about sharing components between tools:;cid=C02V9TL2G3V


Hi @djblue I’m trying out portal and really enjoying it. Thanks for a very cool and useful tool!

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