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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)21:01:57

Hi! I use the Calva Portal plugin and sometimes it just stops showing stuff, even though tap> continues returning true. At least sometimes this stopped working after the code I evaled and wanted to print threw an exception. Currently when that happens I portal.api/close and re-open Portal. Is that a known problem? How do I troubleshoot it? 🙏 BTW it is awesome to have Portal integrated into the editor like this!

Ziad Salah11:01:34

I too have occasionally experienced that. Sometimes closing and reopening portal within intellij doesn't do the trick and I end up having to either restart my repl or trying to start the chromium based portal instead.


I think this has happened to me, as well. In my head, I associate it with closing my laptop, and then resuming session, and sometimes tap> no longer is active. I usually just close the IntelliJ Portal window, and run the open command, and it comes back.


I have seen that occasionally too (and I use the same workaround to get it working again). I thought it might be a quirk of Clover, but if you're using Calva then I guess not...


I haven't experienced this issue yet :thinking_face: What version are you using? You could try running the portal.ui.commands/show-client-errors command the next time it breaks.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)21:01:37

Now I tried to render quite a lot of hicckup content (including an iframe) and got > Rendering error: Minified React error #62; visit