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Others already said it, but I want to join the choir. I just discovered that portal now has an intellij plugin and the difference it makes in my workflow is insane! Thank you so much! 🎉

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Lukas Domagala16:11:05

@U012ADU90SW is it just so you don’t have to hunt for the window, or is there anything in particular it helps with?


It started mainly with having portal directly inside the IDE, below my main repl, yes. I need lot's of screen space for my project and previously I always had to go out of my IDE, switch over to portal or reveal, do a thing there, go back, etc. It became really tedious after a while. But having it right there, led me to automate a lot of stuff around it yesterday. So now I can stay inside intellij, use all my keybindings, or make new ones to control portal. So most of the time I don't even have to click inside the portal window now. I realize this can all be done to portal over the wire, but I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise