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Michael Stokley17:05:19

it looks like with datafy and nav and datomic, it's not always possible to hop from eid to eid along the graph indefinitely

Michael Stokley17:05:31

is there a way i can configure portal to do so?

Michael Stokley17:05:35

in other words, if i pipe the results of a datomic query into portal, i get one level of free querying by eid. if that (implicit) query returns eids, i don't think portal queries them as well


Does the queried data also have nav metadata?

Michael Stokley19:05:52

that's a great question. i assume so, since rebl does it, but i don't actually know


You should be able to see metadata attached to most data in portal

Michael Stokley17:05:53

well, it looks like the metadata is attached, and i can bounce from entity to entity indefinitely. originally i was trying to skip over intermediate entities and at that point it seems like the metadata is lost

Michael Stokley17:05:57

this is terrific

Michael Stokley17:05:49

or, maybe it's more accurate to say i was navigating to values - the entity ids - that were not datomic entities and did not have metadata


Yeah, I think a big assumption nav implementations make is the you are only ever navigating one level deep, so the metadata is attached only to the root value.

Michael Stokley18:05:36

again, this ui is /terrific/

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