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@imre Q for you about Polylith/Kaocha. Well, two Qs I guess. 1. What are the benefits of switching to the Kaocha plugin for Polylith, for default OOTB setup? 2. What exactly is required to switch from the default test runner to the Kaocha one? i.e., the bare minimum. Thanks.

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not @imre but I can share my experience with this. kaocha IMO offers better out of the box user experience. better reporting, plugins and docs (junit test reports, etc). at least that is what attracted me to it. unfortunately polylith kaocha did not work so great for me. our project was not in a great shape when I went dor tests, had lots of errors and was not easy to figure out why. also I could not access kaocha cli features via poly kaocha. they are not exposed. I would say that having kaocha cli and poly kaocha be on feature parity is pretty important IMO. that is my opinion anyway.


the above is related to rcf as well. also got busy with other stuff to try poly kaocha again. but I hope to give it a shot again in next months after I brush off on poly usage and inner workings


@U04V70XH6 1/ the sole benefit of p-k is that it enables one to use kaocha with poly. This also means that if you don't want or need kaocha, it is of no value to you. I like kaocha and I detailed that a number of times on this slack already, most recently;cid=C013B7MQHJQ. 2/ just follow the first 3-4 steps add dep to poly alias, add to workspace.edn, add dep to projects to be tested, run tests Feel free to ping me if you run into difficulties


As @U011NGC5FFY noted not all kaocha features can easily be used with p-k OOTB, for example cli args or watch mode. Adding support for these would most likely also require some new plumbing in the poly tool as well.


Thanks @imre I've never used Kaocha so I'm curious to see what differences it brings to Polylith OOTB. Looks pretty straightforward to switch over to it so maybe I'll give it a try next week.


pls share your experience


Imo kaocha is great for its clear concept and excellent extensibility. It's my go-to tool for any serious project. Will be interested to hear your thoughts