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Hi all, TL:DR - I want to learn clojure/script by creating a side project, I really want to use polylith (i know its not a framework) but i am lost. My context: I consider myself a developer (i just learned this term exists and i am happy i found it) looking to learn functional programming and i chose Clojure because of the religion of the ecosystem (simplicity, immutability, composability, data-driven) In the javascript world i learned react by choosing the framework flavor of the month and built a small project. I am totally lost in how i can go about in doing this in the Clojure ecosystem. I found the kit framework but my goal here is to use the polylith file structure. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


I understand that looking for a "nextjs" in the clojure ecosystem somewhat defeats the point of polylith but i have an intuition that i can take the underlying libraries found in a project like the and use polylith instead


Polylith tooling isn't really working on cljs-side. Also I'd say that it's not a good idea to learn it at the same time as learning the language either. You would be learning three different things at the same time: the language, the dependency tooling for the language, and then the polylith style module architecture (which you could use anywhere, just without the tools)


There would be probably situations where it's unclear where some problem really lies, so tackling them piecemeal would speed up the inevitable bug hunts

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