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Hi everyone! I have added support for multiple source directories, and I would be happy if you could try it out before I merge it to master. The branch is named and you can use the latest commit sha cb8edbf02187ee940602ba88892150a260edeeff . Thanks!


I haven't looked at this yet but does it support alias resolution?

> cat deps.edn 
{:paths [:source]
 {:source ["foo"]}}

> cat foo/core.clj 
(ns core)

(println "Hello from foo/core.clj!")

> clj
Clojure 1.11.1
user=> (require 'core)
Hello from foo/core.clj!


No, we don’t support that. It shouldn’t be too hard to support. I will have a look (but not today!).


I can't remember whether t.d.a. exposes an API for that but I think, right now, :paths (and :extra-paths) are the only two built-in things that support alias data substitution. Some other tools support it (`depstar` supported it for all arguments, I believe deps-deploy does as well) but it is not widespread. Yet.

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That's one of the weirder things about tools.deps, with almost no googleable documentation


Good job it's right there in the reference docs then, eh? 😁


That's the almost part. And what's in the ref doc ain't much