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When migrating to polylith is it avoidable to change the namespaces? I was investigating for an OS-project that is distributed mainly as a library and we never used our org as the top-ns. So when switching we would have to change our api-ns to use the org as well. I guess that is unavoidable but anyone has a better idea?


I don't think polylith is great for it, more geared towards building applications than libraries


Hey thanks, I was worried that there is a catch somewhere since it is more focused on apps. So I guess we will wait 'til this is figured out.


It could be a separate tool to package a project into another namespace when building a jar. It shouldn’t be rocket science to implement, but I don’t think it should be included in the poly tool by default, but maybe as a custom command, when that is implemented.


I will investigate that. You are right, it should be doable.

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