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Hi everyone! It has been a while since we released a new version of the poly tool, but that problem will soon be fixed, as soon as you guys out there have tested it and confirm that it works correctly! The biggest changes are that avoids initiating and committing to git when creating a workspace, if not :commit is passed in. The other bigger change is which allows you to run all tests for specified project(s) by passing in both :all or :project and project:p1:p2 (where p1 and p2 are the projects you want to test). Except from that these issues have also been fixed:,,,,,, + these PRs:,, The easiest way to test it is probably by installing it as a clojure CLI tool, like this: clojure -Ttools install io.github.polyfy/polylith '{:git/sha "281927a3010224061137ef61526de40434131160" :deps/root "projects/poly"}' :as poly …and then start a shell with: clojure -Tpoly shell The in gitbook hasn’t been published yet, but will be when 0.2.14-alpha is released.

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Just updated our work project to use that SHA. We were already running the March 18th master version (since I got back from vacation) and had been on a fairly recent master SHA prior to that.


We'd already turned auto-commit off in workspace.edn and I don't create new Polylith workspaces very often so I doubt I'll get to test #160 -- but thanks for making that change!

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