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ANNOUNCEMENT. Hi everyone! I need some help from you who run the poly tool from the master branch (which should be most of you, except for @seancorfield). Follow the instruction and if you do the migration in a separate branch, it should even be okay to commit and push the code after the migration. The code in the issue-66 branch will soon become the v0.2.0-alpha10 version. If everything seems to work, I will merge the issue-66branch to master. It’s getting closer, but I need an okay from you first! 🙂

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Please reply in this thread and report how the migration went.


I and @tengstrand have migrated my Scrintal codebase to the latest version of the Polylith using f7e8cd7fe83f6d2fdfdedda35fed5806ac418964 in the issue-66 branch. The only thing I needed to do was moving a couple of dependencies after the poly migrate command did its job. Otherwise, everything went smoothly! To give an idea of how big the workspace was, I’m attaching some screenshots below.

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In the migrate doc, you have: > :project-to-alias is replaced by :projects where each project stores a map with the name as its key and a map as value with the key :name ... Shouldn't that be :alias, not :name?


Yes, that should be :alias. Nice catch. Will update.