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Nikolas Pafitis21:07:13

A question to polylith users out there. Which component/state library do you feel suits a polylith workspace best?


@silencioseu I'm finding Component to be a great fit for Polylith, but I'm an existing Component user and I prefer it over the others anyway (Mount, Integrant).

Nikolas Pafitis21:07:46

@seancorfield I see, it can also work with the interface namespace checking i guess

Nikolas Pafitis21:07:02

defmethod and defstate would not be picked up

Nikolas Pafitis21:07:20

While with component you could just use a defn that instantiates your records


Not sure what you're asking. defstate is Mount, yes? Global state just seems like a bad idea to me, which is why I dislike Mount so much.


defmethod is just regular Clojure and works fine with Polylith.

Nikolas Pafitis21:07:31

I mean defmethod if you have to different components of the same interface and one's missing a defmethod is not going to be caught by poly info


Ah, and that might be a problem for Integrant, you mean?

Nikolas Pafitis21:07:12

Well not really a problem, but i just like being pedantic and take advantage of poly info