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Just noticed that colorized output is dependent on having ~/.polylith/config.edn -- something that won't be present on a system that only "consumes" a git repo containing Polylith code. According to the docs, it sounds like that file is only created if you use poly to create a workspace on a system?


That means that my colleague will only see black and white output from clojure -M:poly info.


Would it be better to auto-create ~/.polylith/config.edn if it's missing on any poly tool invocation?


Yes, right now it’s only created (if missing) when you create a new workspace. Yes, I can add that, so that it creates that file on all operating systems except Windows (which does not support colorized output at the moment).

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As Polylith grows its audience, having a consistent experience for consumers of projects, as well as makers, will be important.