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@allandaviesza wrote some code to rename all the namespaces. Not sure how portable it is, but he can comment.


Hi, I'm new to both, deps.edn and polylith. I wonder how a component can/should be standalone in terms of a config.edn. I like to use (io/resource "config.edn") whereby "config.edn" is placed in the components resources folder. This folder is attached to the workspace deps.edn :dev extra-path as suggested. However, "config.edn" can not be accessed by the io/resource function. I've seen that all(?) resources folders of the real-world-example are empty. Is it a bad idea to provide separate configuration files for each component as resources? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @ULNQR8F2S. The RealWorld example app doesn’t show how to use resources, but the Polylith codebase itself does, so let’s use that code as an example. The component in the Polylith project has a logo.png image in its directory, and you can see how it’s used from the workspace namespace within the component. Then the resources directory of this component is included in the development’s deps.edn file, and it’s also included in the deps.edn files for all other projects, like the poly project Hope this can be of some help.


Jup, works! Thank you @U1G0HH87L and many greetings to the fantastic polylith team from Berlin!


Great! 🙂 And by the way, the members of the Polylith team live in Stockholm, Sweden (or close to it)!


I tried to send greetings to the team from Berlin to Stockholm (seems I am a grammar noob too) 😅


Ahh, cool, thanks for the greetings! 😃