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The sync command will take care of the library version in the projects too, by writing to the project’s deps.edn files (if that answered your question?) where the library versions that are specified in the ./deps.ed file for the development project will be used. I guess :override-deps could be used in the project’s deps.edn files to “fix” a library to a certain version when people have that need (should be very unusual). I can imagine that moving you huge project would take some time! Cool that you are going to try out Polylith for the new apps! FYI: I will soon push things that I’ve been working on for a while that will support visualising not only the “normal” src dependencies but also include what’s under test by typing :test when running the deps and libs commands. More data will also be added to the inner workspace structure (that can be viewed by the wscommand) and calculations on what to include for the test command will therefore be more accurate than today. Today the test command still works 99.9% percent of the time (I thought it was 100, apparently not) but 100% is preferable (it’s a very rare corner case).