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Hello Team #polylith. I’ve just dropped in to say AMAZING job with this. I only bumped into this today (Listening to Jacek’s podcast). I have to say, my mind is blown. Can’t wait to get stuck in to working this way, and refactoring our current world.

😄 3

Hi @U1S4MH05T! Great to hear! Send us any questions if you have along the way. We are here to help out!


Thanks Dom, that’s awesome! If you have the chance, then please give us feedback about the “onboarding” process. If there’s anything that’s unclear, or that could be smoother, then we’d love to know.


So far so good. What we’re working through now as a first step is how to move everything we have right now.


Thanks for that link! Will do some more reading. P.S. I haven’t had this much fun for ages.