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You beat me to it 🙂


The season 4 (web development) of ClojureScript Podcast is super long we are currently on episode 28. I asked some time ago, on twitter, who else should we talk to and i’m asking again. Do you think we missed anyone, when it comes to web dev?


The season 4 guests list: Miikka Koskinen Jacob O'Bryant Ghadi Shayban Toby Yehonathan Sharvit Malcolm Sparks Joakim, James, Furkan Conrad Barski Alan Dipert James Reeves Wilker Lúcio Mihael Konjević Dmitri Sotnikov Daniel De Aguiar Tony Kay Will Acton Nikita Prokopov Mike Thompson Juho Teperi Malcolm Sparks


maybe Vincent Cantin from i have been trying to get into tailwind and has been hard to grasp.


also not exclusive for web dev, but nextjdbc/honeysql are very important libs in the ecosystem so it would be great to hear Sean Corfield about honeysql 2.0


Almost all apps are web apps and the subject can be very broad, so I think you can go on forever with this theme :)


But I enjoyed it nonetheless, keep going as long you want


Vincent is on a list, I chatted to him about girouette. Plexus I plan to interview him in another season. @U0J6U23FW what would you recommend to chat about with Plexus when it comes to webdev?


@U8A5NMMGD it was actually @U0D8J9T5K who mentioned @U07FP7QJ0 but i am sure he has plenty of things to talk about


my bad. I reached out to Arne anyways

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