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Humm, I compiled planck with defn instead of defn- at The warning disappeared but still no completions. @mfikes is there a precise reason to have this function private? The lumo equivalent isn't private: @bozhidar I also tried this form for Planck completion: (map str (planck.repl/get-completions \"%s\")) which returns a sequence instead of a JS array, as does the Lumo form:

(let [ret (atom nil)]
     (lumo.repl/get-completions \"%s\"
       (fn [res] (reset! ret (map str res))))
I don't know very well Emacs' completion plumbing. The *Messages* buffer keeps on displaying [No matches]. @bozhidar do you have any advice to inspect/debug what is happening (or rather what is not happening)? Thanks


Basically, by default inf-clojure expects a list/seq of strings that are read by the Emacs Lisp reader and converted to an Emacs Lisp list. If your form returns a list of strings it should work fine IMO.


@mfikes Would it be correct to say that functions in that namespace with a doc string are all mistakenly private?