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@manutter51 I hacked together the ability to post binary data (using multipart/form). If you end up being interested in this stuff, let me know.


Cool, I worked my way thru using lumo, but I can run a test using planck and let you know how it goes. I've got a standard to compare it to now.


Ahh cool. Let me drop some docs into the ticket above. Are you cool with building a Planck binary from a branch? Otherwise, I'd be happy to build a copy for whatever target OS you are on.


I've never tried building planck from a branch, I could give it a shot. I'm on OS X


Ahh, I'm on OS X as well. Up to you. Since I'm on OS X I could easily drop a binary on the Planck website for you to download.


I'll give it a try tomorrow morning (ET) when I'm back on my work computer. That's where the code is that I'll be testing with.


Cool... I'll put info into so it is there if you end up wanting to try it 🙂


@mfikes Yeah, that worked perfectly, thanks much!


Awesome. Thanks for the confirm!