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@mfikes: hmm, can't seem to find any way to build WebKit for only C. There's --minimal and --webkit-only flags...


@mfikes: so, I obtained a debug JavaScriptCore.framework via the command: /Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --debug --cmakeargs="-DSHARED_CORE=ON". However, trying to specify it for our program is proving difficult.


I've tried: 1) add the parent of JavaScriptCore.framework via -F (i.e., .../webkit/WebKitBuild/Debug) and then -framework JavaScriptCore. But this just picked up the release version installed in /Library/Frameworks. 2) Variation of above but using -L and -l instead of -F and -framework (stupid I know but someone on the internet suggested it so I tried it :)) 3) Variation of #1 but with JavaScriptCore.framework renamed to JavaScriptCoreDebug.framework and -framework JavaScriptCoreDebug. <-- this seems most promising as /Library/Frameworks is locked down-- no modifications or additions even as sudo. However, this failed-- it just couldn't find it at all.


I'm thinking that a 'deep rename' must be performed for this to work (and not merely a superficial 'folder rename').


[I think the .framework approach is vastly superior to my previous libtool-combined object file approach (as there were duplicate symbols forcing me to (hopefully intelligently but still likely not infallibly) choose the best candidates from a number of conflicting .o files].


[Oh, and I couldn't just specify all of the separate .o files in the linker flags as that caused the maximum shell command length to be exceeded].


No ideas… I’ve never tried to debug JavaScriptCore itself before. Any time it has previously crashed (extremely rare), I recall seeing stack traces in Xcode.


@mfikes: Ok, well I just mailed the webkit-dev mailing list. Hopefully they will respond.