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Hi, I'm having problems making perun work. Following the "Getting Started' guide*, I get the error below. *The raw one from ( The website version is outdated (see Could it be a JVM error? Full message and Java details below.

eccentric J23:02:32

I think I encountered that myself, if I remember right it was because of java 11. I think the error is in my build logs, let me review them to confirm.


Thanks for your quick reply! Hmmm... Would that be a Clojure bug, a Boot bug or a Perun bug?

eccentric J23:02:20

My guess is in one of the dependencies for the markdown\yaml task as it’s hitting clj-yaml towards the end there.


(Checking that...)

eccentric J23:02:29

Fixed when I moved it back to jdk 8


I just checked it with a fully updated If I avoid the YAML-related code, the command works with the latest Java (11.0.2), Clojure (1.10.0) and Boot (2.8.2) versions. Definitely, it is a YAML-related bug.