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Hey guys is there a good alternative to Disqus on perun sites? The look of the Disqus widget is just intolerable.


Hey, Perun can help you render comments. But you need to store them somewhere. That is independent from Perun. I’m pretty sure some solutions are possible but depend on your requirements. We can brainstorm some ideas here. Another problem is if you need real time update of the comments. Do you want to display comment immediately after user submitted it or some delay is acceptable?


I’m fine accepting a delay (say until next refresh) if it means I can get a more lightweight interface than Disqus. I’ve found, but it looks like I’ll have to host the comments server myself.


I can’t remember whether I posted here or someplace else about Perun and Netlify and boot availability on Netlify - I asked and this is the version info for Boot from their docker image, for anyone interested: RUN mkdir /opt/boot-clj && cd /opt/boot-clj && \ curl -sL > boot && \ chmod +x boot && \ ln -s /opt/boot-clj/boot /usr/local/bin/boot USER buildbot


@sooheon who is your target audience? If developers, then having comments stored as GitHub issue can be good solution. Requires some plumbing, but maybe there are some backed solutions, libraries


I can research more for good comments solution for static sites


@tbrooke thank you. If you have tutorial how to setup boot/perun on Netlify we can put it into Perun docs