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Hey how can I use the SMARTYPANTS plugin for pegdown from within perun? I tried (p/markdown :options “—smartypants”) but it seems to have no effect.


Hi @sooheon - you can do it like this (p/markdown :options {:extensions {:smartypants true}})


Thank you!


np! You can see how the keys map to the extensions in this file:


Thanks, I tried just searching for “smart” with github, didn’t get good results, I should’ve grepped in the actual repo.


we have some work to do on the documentation as well, no worries


@bhagany Yes, our site is open source! I couldn't sent it to you yesterday, because of the Gitlab downtime. The site is and the repo is


excellent, I'll take a look!


Thanks a lot! We've been putting some effort into building a good template for a blogging site so far. Right now we're working hard on other projects, but we have the idea to release at some point in time a nice "perun starter template" with seo, tags and so forth. Because perun really struck us as the best ssg out there, however there's a lot of stuff that needs to be done by hand right now compared to others where there's a bigger eco-system. But I'm convinced (or have the good hope^^) this will change over time, because Perun really is awesome! Thank you very much for putting so much time and effort into it!


@podviaznikov If you'd be open to it, you could record your talk yourself. I'm a lecturer at a Swiss university and am currently building a DIY lecture capture system in my spare time (in CLJ and CLJS, of course^^). You're free to use it if you want to:


munen: Collecture looks really nice. Checked out your site and app on the app store


Thanks for the kind feedback. We have been working on that in our spare time to improve the state on how to give a lecture. We’ve been doing a successful private beta for the last semester and are now officially live since a couple of weeks. Feel free to use it any time - also for meetings or giving talks. There’s no ads or strings attached. The money will eventually come from universities that want to install Collecture on premise.


This is the first project where the full stack is in Clojure. Before I have only augmented existing code bases with either a CLJS front-end or written Back-End CLJ services. This time it’s Clojure all the way and it’s been a great choice.


It's been a lot of fun! I'm interested to see what kinds of things you build on top of Perun, I'll definitely be following this project. I think it's likely that some of the ideas you have would be good candidates for inclusion in Perun itself. @podviaznikov is the final word on that though, so don't take that as a guarantee 🙂


@munen On my first readthrough of your build.boot, I don't think there will be any breaking changes on the latest snapshot of Perun, but I'm going to run it myself when I have more time to make sure


The only thing I'd change is that permalink and canonical-url are no longer necessary - resolution of those keys are automatic now.


Yes, I've been thinking the same, actually. When we are on a current version again and I have some time to continue working on the page, I might ask in this channel whether some pull requests would be welcome.


Next to the blog, we plan to build a template for solid landing pages. Since we're a software consultancy and also have some OSS projects, it would be nice to be able show show those easily on the page as well. I can only imagine that others would like to do the same^^


Ah nice, that does sound useful


Also, since you mentioned tags, there is now a tags task in Perun


Sweet! Building "categories" was quite easy in Perun, for "tags" I had the hope that it would just appear at some point. So big thanks to you guys!(;


Glad to hear it will be useful 🙂


Since we're talking and I got you distracted. I actually do have a contribution*cough* that I would suggest to the maintainers of the Perun project. I would consider shutting down for as long as nobody has time (which I understand!) to build a beautiful landing page. Your Github repo actually looks professional, there's lots of commits, traction and just enough documentation. However, I first saw and was willing to strike Perun from the list of SSGs that we were evaluating. Only my business partner made me reconsider, because he actually read through your code and said that you're kinda building the same thing that he built (once upon a time) in Ruby and that your architecture is really sane. I do recognize this is really harsh feedback, because I do understand that somebody worked on and I do not want to be unfriendly. However, I want to give fair feedback and my impression is that right now might put off more people than it attracts. If you guys have a landing page, it should be in some sense "better" than the Github repo which already is very good - so it's tough to beat anyway^^


munen: I completely agree with your feedback on It makes total sense. I really tried to do it but never finished, so agree that it’s better to remove the link for now. 👍


Nah, that's good feedback. iirc I think @martinklepsch was working on a new site for Perun, and I have slowly been turning my attention to writing better documentation that could end up there as well.


And for what it's worth, I agree that it should be more of a priority. And I have a bit of time 🙂


Well, forget it, then. If you are currently working on it, then it's a perfectly valid WIP page(;


@bhagany Wow, opening an PR for upgrades on our site is incredibly nice of you! I'll definitively go over this MR in detail soon and merge it. Today I’m kinda stuck in correcting lectures of the university where I teach - hard deadline writing and adding numbers; exactly what I normally would like to use a computer for^^ Thank you very much - if we meet in person at some point, you're definitively on for a coffee or lunch!(; Are you by any chance going to Clojured in Berlin this month?


I'm in no rush, take your time with the merge request 🙂


I won't be at Clojured, unfortunately. Someday...


I’ll remember^^


Thanks again!