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Okay, I opened a PR with some ideas for discussion:


I have pretty much dropped Perun from Clojutre and our company web pages, the current model is too tied to blog model


But I have had great success with Boot and simple task which uses c.t.n to reload Clojure namespaces and render hiccup to html


Inside those Clojure namespaces I can parse markdown to hiccup and generate stuff however I want


And I can re run the render whenever any file changes so that even if the code reads external files, like markdown or something, I get instant reloads


I will probably try to integrate some parts of Perun with this model, to embed list of blog posts in some "static pages"


@juhoteperi I think I agree with you on Perun base tasks being too tied to blog model. I’m building personal site now (more sections than just blog and having some small problems (like it’s not always obvious what to do if I want just to render static page). I will try to keep track of this problems so that we can think how to solve them.