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@bhagany: what is it that will eventually use the content type? Is it purely for serving the file with boot-http? In that case I'm not sure if it's possible. Boot-http only ever looks at files on the classpath and content-type isn't stored in those files. You could store it in the fileset but the information that is contained in there isn't available by default outside boot tasks by default. You may find a solution using a custom handler but maybe it'd make sense to step back a bit and instead outline your motivation / what you're trying to achieve... :)


heh, I just wanted to see if I could remove the file extensions


I’ve been going down the custom handler route, wrapping the resources-handler from boot-http


it’s not critical, so I won’t be too disappointed if it turns out not to be possible


yup, the custom handler is workable


I don’t think I’m going to do it, but this is mostly a learning exercise 🙂