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I was thinking about this too. The task docs might be handy, alternative would be to have some kind of mini tutorial for all tasks but these will get outdated and I'm also not sure how useful that would be since they usually require a bit of context.


@juhoteperi: the issue with the github wiki based approach: how do we trigger a rebuild of the site?


@juhoteperi: but that would be in defined intervals not "on-change", right? I want a service that does programmatic code edits to a codebase and commits them to a repo


Doesn't matter, the interval can be 15 sec or what ever


Wiki is available in git repo but I'm not sure if any CI supports that directly


Though there is a webhook which is called when wiki is updated


One option would be to have docs on separate repo and link to edit page:


Not sure how this works for ppl without commit rights, but IIRC it provides option to create PR?


y, was just thinking that putting it into the website repo might be better. Wikis also have these fancy links we'd need to parse and a bunch of other stuff


this would also simplify the rebuilding stuff


So it’ seems like github send webhooks for each wiki update. And wiki is available as git repo ( So we can setup Heroku integration (or something else), that will receive hook, checkout code, build site and deploy it


It seems like it can be doable based on push to wiki


Yeah, it is possible but required custom software, at Heroku or somewhere