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Hey guys, I’m having fun with Perun but I did run into a snag with the s3-deploy in that it’s wanting a sync the target/public dir. But in all the examples I’ve seen nothing is writing out to that dir. I’m new to boot and I feel like I’m missing something simple here.


I got it to work but I needed to add the target task before the sync. What’s odd though is in all other build.boot files this wasn’t done.


@kingoftheknoll: I think you are right about this problem with s3-sync. I made s3-sync but it has this bug from the inception. I was thinking that it might work as you suggested (adding target task before sync) but never tried myself and never updated docs. I think I should do it soon. I’m personally using s3-sync even with mentioned bug, but you might also checkout by @martinklepsch


@kingoftheknoll: the sync-bucket task that's part of confetti can sync your fileset, you may want to modify it beforehand by using sift — let me know if you have any questions


@podviaznikov: and @martinklepsch thanks! I had seen confetti while working on this, I’ll check it out. I do have one question. Boot has the concept of passing a fileset along the pipeline, do I always need to write to disk before syncing or could I just pipe the fileset value to the sync task. Granted, that might be part of sync-bucket and sift but without time right now to look at the source code I thought I’d throw out the question.


@kingoftheknoll: so I think the s3-sync task by @podviaznikov does sync from target. In contrast the sync-bucket task syncs directly from the fileset (by default)


The fileset ultimately is a collection of files spread in a bunch of temporary directories so these files will be uploaded and you don't need to put them all into a single place like target/ before


Nice, I assumed it was possible since boot-http seems to take that approach. I'll jump in tonight and give it a try!