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hi all, not sure if this is the right channel to go through, but I'm having some trouble setting up pedestal+integrant.repl. For some context, I'll attach a snippet:

(-> {::http/routes          routes
     ::http/host            host
     ::http/port            port
     ::http/type            :jetty
     ::http/resource-path   "book/public"
     ::http/join?           false
     ::http/secure-headers  {:content-security-policy-settings {:object-src "none"}}
     ::http/allowed-origins {:creds true :allowed-origins (constantly true)}}
This form is within an integrant init-key defmethod. The problem that I'm facing is that the server works when starting via cli -M -m [...], but not when inside a REPL session using integrant.repl/reset and integrant.repl/go. The error I'm receiving while in the repl session is an HTTP ERROR 500 and the only header attached the response is Connection: close Honestly not sure how to proceed. Has anyone ran into this type of issue before?