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hi, I am doing some research on what web "framework" to use for a clojure web app. Pedestal seems very promissing. Is there a way to support jetty 10 / 11? I think multiple jetty versions will be available / supported by default, esp with the servlet package move from javax -> jackarta . Right now Jetty 9 is no longer supported . Jetty 10 is stable and 11 as well - with different API sets. Would it make sense for pedestal to add support for jetty 10 and jetty 11 ? I imagine the code might be more or less the same


I think we still have a little time left until Jetty 9 moves to deprecated. > While users of Jetty 9.x will continue to see releases for security and critical issues until 9.x goes End of Life (EOL), the only ongoing support provided will be for Webtide customers. > As for the official EOL of Jetty 9.x, we will give at least 6 months notice after the last customer has transitioned off of using 9.x. We can’t provide a firm date, but it is unlikely to happen before 2025.


true, but new projects could use the newer version and not be forced to upgrade when jetty 9 support is done. This is more important for jetty 11 which uses the new jakarta servlet packages. Currently there is no support for them


Ya, not disagreeing, just saying we have a little time to prepare. So what's the strategy for jetty 10 (javax) vs 11 (jakarta)? Seems all a bit confusing and awkward. Which one would pedestal use?


java ee (servlet api) was opensourced. but oracle could not / did not open source javax.yyy package namespace. hence jackarta.yyy namespace came to be under Eclipse foundation which is the steward for both jetty and servlet api


I believe both jetty-10 and jetty-11 should be supported


jetty 10 is upgrade path for jetty 9


jetty 11 will ensure upgrade path to servlet versions 5, 6 and beyond, as released by eclipse


Thanks @U011NGC5FFY! So would there have to be two separate pedestal release variants? Pedestal javax and pedestal jakarta?


I see it that way