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Miguel Rivas18:02:26

This is a bit of pedestal/reitit question. I'm using XTDB as data storage, they offer a for their web console and I've been trying to use it in my pedestal stack. So far I've been able to somewhat use it by converting the said handler into a pedestal interceptor, such as:

;; this is "xtdb-interceptor"
(-> xtdb-handler
and then adding it to my service-map config
(update service-map ::io.pedestal.http/interceptors conj xtdb-interceptor)
This works up until I try to interact with xtdb's console and say, run a query, the request seems to be handled ok and a response is returned such as:
{:status 200,
  :body <<StreamableResponse>>,
  :headers {"Content-Type" "application/edn; charset=utf-8"}}
However the StreamableResponse body is not being handled/coerced, causing a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :write-body-to-stream of protocol: #'io.pedestal.http.impl.servlet-interceptor/WriteableBody found for class: juxt.clojars_mirrors.muuntaja.v0v6v8.muuntaja.protocols.StreamableResponse. I do notice that does provide coercion/middlewares for their console's routes, however this doesn't seem to be working. Maybe the approach of using the handler as an interceptor is wrong? Any ideas on how I could plug it into my pedestal config?


Seems like you need to extend WritableBody to StreamableResponse or the concrete impl

Miguel Rivas18:02:26

just in case anyone tries to do the same and use this handler with pedestal, I got it working by extending Pedestal's io.pedestal.http.impl.servlet-interceptor/WriteableBody protocol like so:

(extend-protocol io.pedestal.http.impl.servlet-interceptor/WriteableBody
  (Class/forName "[B")
  (write-body-to-stream [^InputStream input-stream ^OutputStream output-stream]
    (with-open [out output-stream]
      (.write out ^bytes input-stream)))

  (write-body-to-stream [^InputStream input-stream ^OutputStream output-stream]
    (with-open [out output-stream]
      ((.f input-stream) ^OutputStream out))))
I hope this helps anyone that may try to use xtdb's console with pedestal 😄

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