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anyone else using #fulcro #pathom and #datomic ? Did you create resolvers using :db/id as input?

Joe Lane20:07:46

Are they mutation oriented resolvers?


"read" resolvers

Joe Lane20:07:19

The alternative is to create an external ID of some sort. Is the application going to be integrating with 3rd parties at all? If so I'd avoid using internal :db/id's externally. Otherwise i'd say using :db/id is not a problem.

Joe Lane20:07:08

I wen't down the external ID for a non-3rd-party-integrating application and if I could go back I wouldn't bother.


I use extenal id's. But I'm asking myself why not use :db/id PS: I know the limitations of :db/id


something like: by default use :db/id, unless I have a good reason to do not.


Oh, I'm on #pedestal , not #pathom. sorry. 😅