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Hey, everyone! While trying to incorporate Sente library into Pedestal, I'm getting No implementation of method: :default-content-type of protocol: #'io.pedestal.http.impl.servlet-interceptor/WriteableBody found for class: org.projectodd.wunderboss.web.async.ServletHttpChannel error. Can't figure out how to deal with it


@UFEQ5L1NK, I’m not familiar with Sente but based on that message, it seems like you’ll need to implement an interceptor chain provider to support it. The default servlet-specific implementation supports Tomcat, Jetty and Immutant.


I haven’t used Sente but I recently evaluated it for a project. It’s a fairly comprehensive websockets library but it’s not compatible with Tomcat or Jetty. I ended up using http-kit’s built-in websocket library. Time will tell if that’s the right choice


I thought it was compatible with Immutant, guess I was wrong. Thanks for advice anyway!