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I'm really confused by pedestal right now. I'm trying to generate a url for a route, I've defined url for with (route/url-for-routes routes), and when I expand the routes I can see the name for the route I want, :route-name :user, but when I go to (url-for :user) it says ExceptionInfo Route not found clojure.core/ex-info (core.clj:4739)


If I curl the route it exists and works, but I can't generate urls and I'm totally stumped


@alice url-for uses a dynamic vat that is only bound when handling requests I believe. Are you trying to generate a URL in a REPL by any chance?


Yes I am. but I'm also defining my own url-for

(def url-for (route/url-for-routes routes))
And using that as the function as described here


And that is not working?