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@danielcompton I looked at this more carefully just now. Looks like there are already ongoing discussions about handling auth, but no complete packaged solution. Still missing are: - Wrapping this up into a Vase sample - A doc comparing Friend vs Buddy vs Geheimtur I don't know quite enough to do either of these tasks myself, but I'm wrestling with whether I should I extend my current bikeshedding to learn enough. For my current toy project, the auth in is really all I need, so my rational side is arguing to not waste more time trying to do it right. For future reference: One conversation (@ddeaguiar and @ohpauleez) leading to PR for a demo in Pedestal:,!topic/pedestal-users/MJL0h4ts_mk;, An existing Pedestal-based sample (@propan):


Hi. Was the Pedestal entry in the Techempower Web Framework Benchmark now with good production settings? New results are out, much better but far from good (all clojure entries imo): &;hw=ph&amp;test=fortune


@ikitommi I’ve passed your question on to Paul who was involved in the benchmarks. Will post here when I find out.


(My commentary: I don’t understand the TE benchmark… I’ve seen 200K responses per second on my local hardware. But that is with routes designed to use the map-tree router which is super-fast.)


FWIW, Paul also says that the published results don’t match any configuration we’ve seen. Way lower on all ratios.


That’s across loopback, physical gigE connections, and AWS