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I'm finally trying to move my Vase project from datomic:mem: to datomic:dev:. I set up the config file with my licence key and updated :datomic-url in my .edn file. I get an error Unsupported protocol :dev. After a bit of head-scratching, Google suggests that this is because I have a dependency on datomic-free instead of datomic-pro. Ok... Neither is referenced directly in my project.clj, but I see that vase does use datomic-free. But... I see in

Note that the template project uses Datomic Pro. (You can change the project.clj dependency to use Datomic Free. Be sure to make the corresponding change in the :datomic-uri later.)
` I assume the Vase doc is just wrong? Or am I missing a different problem?


... but that then required - fixing the datomic version in the sample to match the one I've installed - finding the un/under-documented datomic/bin/maven-install - installing maven - persuading the yak that he really wanted to be shaved But, looks like it is now working. I'll try to write up a few lines of doc later today.