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@mtnygard thanks for pointing out 😄 I think pedestal needs more love for docs especially for beginner like me 😄


@mtnygard I have this route def

(defn routes
   `[[["/" {:get index-page}
       ^:interceptors [bootstrap/html-body ~interceptor]
       ["/api" {:post omnext-service}
        ^:interceptors [iinterceptor/om-body-params iinterceptor/om-response]]
       ["/*" {:get index-page}
        ^:interceptors [bootstrap/html-body ~interceptor]]]]]))
I think config it wrong, I got the error Route names are not unique


@nxqd The trouble is that both "/' and "/*" are defined to {:get index-page}. That's why they both get assigned the same route-name. Are you trying to set it up so any request that would be 404 shows the index page instead? If so, you might be better off providing a "not-found-interceptor" in your service map. See for details.