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(Oh my. FWIW, while I stand by the above, it was intended as a private gripe to another party. I am embarrassed that I accidentally published it here. Had I intended a public critique, I would have been much more thoughtful and respectful.)


@donaldball: I get the same error when using Tomcat with pedestal+component. Even using a server start/stop/start sequence with the default pedestal-service project has issues when using Tomcat. I would agree this is likely a bug. Would you like to open an issue or drop a note to the mailing list?


Thanks for the confirmation that it’s not something specific to my environment; I’ll do so.


@donaldball: the dissoc in the snippet above will cause a regular map to be returned instead of a record. you might prefer assoc w/ nil


also, it's good practice to make the calls idempotent so that calling start on a started component just returns this. ditto for stop on a stopped component


I go back and forth on the idempotence of lifecycle fns tbqh


But the dissoc in this case is preserving the type. Is this behavior new in clojure 1.8?


not new functionality (record dissoc). the reason i usually go for idempotent lifecycle is to avoid the exception that's thrown on start when you're already bound to the port and i never have any good reason for not making them idempotent