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Is there any way to disable batch for a series of requests without manually modifying each resolver that might be involved?


I'm getting this error: > Execution error (IndexOutOfBoundsException) at com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.runner/missing-maybe-in-pending-batch?$fn (src/dev/com/wsscode/pathom3/connect/runner.cljc:367). and completely disabling batch does fix it, but I'd rather not modify the RAD plugin code if I can help it. It only happens when I send many requests in a loop. I wonder if it could be a Pathom bug?


Update: ok, so I think it was my fault and not a Pathom bug. I tracked the issue down to my handling of nil values in relations, and ultimately, some bad data in my DB. It was hard to track the bug down. Much of the time, the error includes some path like [:foo/bars 0 :bar/id] and some short accompanying message. Is there any way to get more error context in the error message to make debugging these sort of issues easier?