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mbjarland14:06:35 I'm trying to get pathom-viz to work on Ubuntu 22.04 with a nvidia gtx 1060 card and receive the following:

─➤ pathom-viz 
APPIMAGE env is not defined, current application is not an AppImage
INFO [com.wsscode.node-ws-server:136] - Websocket Server Listening on port 8240
INFO [com.wsscode.node-ws-server:75] - Starting express
[999214:0623/160854.477193:FATAL:(415)] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.
[1]    999214 trace trap (core dumped)  pathom-viz



I'm not familiar with the Ubuntu setup, but looking for generic Electron issues (which Pathom Viz uses) I found this:


after some digging it seems that the vaapi which pathom-viz is using (?) is not entirely supported on nvidia cards...has anybody run pathom-wiz on an nvidia card?


you the man! : ) Thank you, the --no-sandbox switch seems to fix the issue and get the UI up and running


cool, glad to hear it works 🙂


and thank you for a new way of dealing with data requirements on the client, just watching your "Data Navigation with Pathom 3" video and it's a bit of an eye opener

❤️ 1

writing a pathom server for the star wars api as an exercise, should be fun


hope so, let me know if you have any hiccups in the process


so far so good : ) will do


um...since you seem to be online...I know I saw this somewhere and apologies for a newbie question, but given that I have say two resolvers person-resolver and film-resolver, how do I tell pathom that the items in a collection :person/films [1 2] are actually the entities returned by (film-resolver {:film/id 1})?


no dummy questions 🙂


in this case, the trick is to make each entity a map instead of just the number, so instead of :person/films [1 2] you use :person/films [{:film/id 1} {:film/id 2}]


because the data itself is the context for further processing


aha, ok will write some helpers to make that happen


and that makes total sense