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hey @wilkerlucio i'm trying to integrate a pathom3 parser/fulcro remote with the latest pathom viz - any pointers on how to augment either my env or which resolvers to add to get things working? I only see the remote version for use with the standalone app should I be looking in this ns? I see (pci/register env p.connector/request-snapshots) but I don't think that's everything

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thanks, sorry I haven't stopped to check it yet, but its on my todo list


all good! saw you online the other day and was hoping to catch you 🙂 I'd be interested in bringing over all the pathom-viz views into the inspector. I'll keep digging in in the meantime to see if I can make some progress.


the recent versions of Pathom Viz already use Fulcro 3, it just need some analisys to get it all together


I see now, I need to pass the map through this transformation pipeline: I am struggling to make that happen. The relevant data is coming in to the inspector UI here: and I'm trying this:

(defn clean-indexes [indexes]
  (let [indexes (dissoc indexes
        indexes (p/elide-special-outputs indexes)
        indexes (p.eql/satisfy adapt/env indexes [:com.wsscode.pathom.connect/indexes])]

(defn clean-explorer [explorer]
  (-> explorer
    (update ::iex/index clean-indexes)
    (update ::iex/idx clean-indexes)))
it's a hack that's not working. anyway, going to take a break. It may be faster for you to install the extension yourself: