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hello folks, its on master! parallel processing on Pathom 3 😄 This is a big milestone and I'm very excited about it! I'm gonna play for a few days with it before cutting a release, but anyone wanting to try its on master now! To play with it, you should use the async runner (from [com.wsscode.pathom3.interface.async.eql :as p.a.eql]) and add ::p.a.eql/parallel? true to your env, and you get the parallel runner!

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One important thing to note, for things to go parallel you need resolvers that do async operations, if all resolvers are sync you wont get the benefit, the simplest way to make some expensive operation async is to wrap it with (p/future ...) to make it run in another thread but in CLJS this is natural, given IO operations are always async anyway


This is very cool! We’re playing around with it in our app and so far it’s working great.

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