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This query fails due to "insufficient data" for the formatted-metric-query resolver even though the unformatted-metric-query resolver succeeds and requires a subset of inputs and produces the necessary output.


This is my first time using Pathom Viz (very nice tool, btw!). From what I can tell of the plan, it looks like unformatted-metric-query and formatted-metric-query end up as siblings when I think they one should be a child of the other.


seems wrong, will take a closer look later today

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were you able to upgrade? I remember you having issues yesterday


Thanks for checking in. I'm still having a problem but it's a bit different than yesterday. I'm beginning to suspect something is corrupted in my cursive/intellij setup


yeah, I can't reproduce the issue, and the CI in other projects is able to download and use the dep fine, so I guess it is something on your setup, but if you find something please let me know


So, it's not an intellij problem. I created a new project whose deps.edn is

{:deps {com.wsscode/pathom3 {:git/url ""
                             :sha     "beaf0053e906a18d8bc9d96995e9903995c6926d"}}}
When I run clj -X:deps tree I get
org.clojure/clojure 1.10.1
  . org.clojure/spec.alpha 0.2.176
  . org.clojure/core.specs.alpha 0.2.44
com.wsscode/pathom3  beaf005
  . com.fulcrologic/guardrails 1.1.4
    . expound/expound 0.8.5
  . com.wsscode/cljc-misc 2021.03.09
  . com.wsscode/log  1ac6100
    X com.fulcrologic/guardrails 1.1.3 :older-version
  . org.clojure/core.async 1.3.610
    . org.clojure/tools.analyzer.jvm 1.1.0
      . org.clojure/tools.analyzer 1.0.0
      . org.clojure/core.memoize 1.0.236
        . org.clojure/core.cache 1.0.207
          . org.clojure/data.priority-map 1.0.0
      . org.ow2.asm/asm 5.2
      . org.clojure/tools.reader 1.3.2
  . funcool/promesa 6.0.0
  . edn-query-language/eql 1.0.2
    . org.clojure/spec.alpha 0.2.176
    . org.clojure/core.specs.alpha 0.2.44
  . potemkin/potemkin 0.4.5
    . clj-tuple/clj-tuple 0.2.2
    . riddley/riddley 0.1.12
The only weird thing is the gaurdrails entry. Should my deps reference on gaurdrails directly?


ah, on closer inspection, I see that pathom3 depends on guardrails 1.1.4 and com.wsscode/log depends on 1.1.3. I'm guessing this is the issue? I'm going to figure out how to force a version in deps


it shouldn't be an issue to have then in different versions, it should just pick the latest


but strange that its listing both on the deps tree


tried bumping clojure as well?


I got the same output]


but I think its only saying that this is not used


when I just do clj it opens the REPL fine


is that different for you?


Opening a repl is fine but requiring a pathom ns causes a problem:

➜  test-pathom3 clj
Clojure 1.10.1
user=> (require 'com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.built-in.resolvers)
Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at user/eval146 (REPL:1).
Could not locate com/wsscode/pathom3/connect/built_in/resolvers__init.class, com/wsscode/pathom3/connect/built_in/resolvers.clj or com/wsscode/pathom3/connect/built_in/resolvers.cljc on classpath. Please check that namespaces with dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name.


More info: I forked pathom3 and downgraded com.wsscode/cljc-misc to 2021.02.27 (based on nothing but a hunch). I can require a pathom3 namespace successfully. I'll look at cljc-misc and see if something obvious pops out


strange, I still can't reproduce your issue


this is in a blank folder that only has a deps.edn with pathom3 latest


I wonder if clojars has a corrupted cljc-misc jar? Are you building that locally?


To refute my own theory: I exploded both versions of cljc-misc locally and they look ok


I got a repro and fix, check this out:


wilkerlucio@Wilkers-MacBook-Pro-2 pathom-simple % rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/com/fulcrologic/guardrails
wilkerlucio@Wilkers-MacBook-Pro-2 pathom-simple % rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/com/wsscode/cljc-misc
wilkerlucio@Wilkers-MacBook-Pro-2 pathom-simple % clj
Clojure 1.10.1
(require 'com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.built-in.resolvers)
Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (com/wsscode/pathom3/connect/built_in/resolvers.cljc:1:1).
Could not locate com/fulcrologic/guardrails/core__init.class, com/fulcrologic/guardrails/core.clj or com/fulcrologic/guardrails/core.cljc on classpath.
wilkerlucio@Wilkers-MacBook-Pro-2 pathom-simple % clj
Clojure 1.10.1
wilkerlucio@Wilkers-MacBook-Pro-2 pathom-simple % clj -Stree
Downloading: com/wsscode/cljc-misc/2021.03.09/cljc-misc-2021.03.09.pom from clojars
Downloading: com/fulcrologic/guardrails/1.1.4/guardrails-1.1.4.pom from clojars
Downloading: com/wsscode/cljc-misc/2021.03.09/cljc-misc-2021.03.09.jar from clojars
Downloading: com/fulcrologic/guardrails/1.1.4/guardrails-1.1.4.jar from clojars


after that, it downloaded things and worked again


(first delete guardrails and cljc-misc, all versions, then started CLJ, at that point I was abro to repro your issue)


I expected it to download again on a simple clj, it didn't, but it did when I ran clj -Stree


after that I got back working as normal


Thanks for digging into this! I'm slammed with another task right now but I'll take a look at this tomorrow


I'm just getting back to this. As it turns out, my issue was resolved by rm -rf ~/.gitlibs . Something must have been corrupted in there


glad to hear its all back 🙂

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When I try to include the latest pathom3 sha, clj reports the following error:

Error building classpath. Manifest type not detected when finding deps for com.wsscode/pathom3 in coordinate {:git/url "", :sha "96fc43469b4f1049dbbdc375d698e1c64e44de01"}


strange, just tested on a new project and worked fine, can you try cleaning the .cpcache and trying again?


I get the same error 😕


I tried on a fresh computer and got the same results