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hello folks, if you are looking to learn more on Pathom 3, I just released a new tutorial, in it you can learn how to use Pathom 3 to scrape data out of Hacker News 🎉! this is a medium/large tutorial and goes over many different pieces of pathom 3 (modeling, optional inputs, recursive queries...), check it out at:

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So right off the bat this will be probably be an entry point for a lot of people into pathom3 so it might be smart to make this "blog post" like and some motivation and high level overview to the top of the fold


I also am aware that this is a page nested on the docs site so it might not make sense but I feel making a good first impression is super important


I think makes sense, you mean like more background on pathom and why to use for this task?


Yeah, a simple bit of "this is pathom, and this why it is awesome" at the top would go a long way