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Been going through the pathom3 docs and examples, the smart map and syntax are really nice! It feels like pathom got simpler with pathom3 and the docs are really good. I have a case that I would like to test out and not sure where to start. Let’s say I have an eql query and a bunch of entities’ attributes will be resolved by a remote api (translation api in this case). The translation api allows batching of requests, so ideally the resolver would wait with the request until it has all the attributes that need to be resolved. I’m thinking I will need to learn about the runner and planner to do something as advanced as this. But don’t see much mention of this kind of parallel/async stuff (yet?). Any pointers or “this isn’t ready yet/possible” would be appreciated :)


hello, thanks for checking it out, remember this still a in-dev library, currently neighter batching or async are implemented. batching (like pathom 2 has) should come sooner, async/parallel will be done, they are closer to the end of the list

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Understood, looking good so far 🙂